Wireless, Web-Based Interactive Control of Optical Coherence Tomography with Mobile Devices.

TitleWireless, Web-Based Interactive Control of Optical Coherence Tomography with Mobile Devices.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMehta, R, Nankivil, D, Zielinski, DJ, Waterman, G, Keller, B, Limkakeng, AT, Kopper, R, Izatt, JA, Kuo, AN
JournalTranslational Vision Science & Technology
Start Page5
Date Published01/2017

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is widely used in ophthalmology clinics and has potential for more general medical settings and remote diagnostics. In anticipation of remote applications, we developed wireless interactive control of an OCT system using mobile devices.A web-based user interface (WebUI) was developed to interact with a handheld OCT system. The WebUI consisted of key OCT displays and controls ported to a webpage using HTML and JavaScript. Client-server relationships were created between the WebUI and the OCT system computer. The WebUI was accessed on a cellular phone mounted to the handheld OCT probe to wirelessly control the OCT system. Twenty subjects were imaged using the WebUI to assess the system. System latency was measured using different connection types (wireless 802.11n only, wireless to remote virtual private network [VPN], and cellular).Using a cellular phone, the WebUI was successfully used to capture posterior eye OCT images in all subjects. Simultaneous interactivity by a remote user on a laptop was also demonstrated. On average, use of the WebUI added only 58, 95, and 170 ms to the system latency using wireless only, wireless to VPN, and cellular connections, respectively. Qualitatively, operator usage was not affected.Using a WebUI, we demonstrated wireless and remote control of an OCT system with mobile devices.The web and open source software tools used in this project make it possible for any mobile device to potentially control an OCT system through a WebUI. This platform can be a basis for remote, teleophthalmology applications using OCT.

Short TitleTranslational Vision Science & Technology