Handheld, rapidly switchable, anterior and posterior segment swept source optical tomography

Commercial optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems are capable of switching between anterior and posterior imaging modes; however, switching modes requires the addition or removal of optics from the sample path and adjustment of the reference path. In addition, most of these systems require a patient that is cognizant and capable of sitting upright in a standard ophthalmic patient positioner, requirements which may not be realistic for a young child or an elderly patient. To mitigate some of these constraints, researchers have developed handheld OCT instruments. A few of these instruments are capable of imaging both the anterior and posterior segment but switching between modes requires the operator to manually remove and/or add an additional lens or lens system. This distracts the operator from the patient and requires realignment with the patient eye after switching modes. With these limitations in mind, we have developed a handheld swept source OCT system that is rapidly switchable between anterior and posterior imaging modes.